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People keep saying that Alyse Black’s music "sounds like falling in love." That it sounds like acceptance and sensuality and raw vulnerable humanness. With an aching, soul-touching voice, her award-winning songs inspire people to goosebumps and wrap them up in velvet.


And there's a reason why people feel loved when they hear Alyse' music.  "I truly just love people. I love the human spirit. I love being alive, even though it is so hard," she explains. "We exist in a world of tattered love and precious hope. We all feel so broken. I want to look into each soul I meet and say, "I love you. Exactly like you are.""


Alyse started out belting Billie Holiday tunes a cappella on the streets of Pike Place Market in Seattle for pocket change. Since then, she's performed on NPR, recorded a commercial for Target, moved to Austin, won Billboard's Annual Songwriting Contest, had several songs placed in movies and TV shows, garnered an endorsement deal with Fishman Amps, and toured the country playing nearly 700 clubs, theaters, festivals, television shows and radio stations. She recently won The Recording Conservatory of Austin’s Top Singer-Songwriter Contest and ran a successful Kickstarter to fund her long-awaited next album.


Alyse just finished recording that third full-length album with producer Eric Rosse (Sara Barielles, Mary Lambert, Tori Amos), drummer Matt Chamberlain (Fiona Apple, Sarah McLachlan, Dido), and bassist Mark Browne (Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, Jewel).


"An acclaimed young songwriter moving up in the world."

                                                             - Austin Chronicle -

"Alyse Black has a mystical beauty to her voice. Her pure and delicate tones enchant with the prowess of a skilled sorceress."

                                              - Songwriter Monthly -

"Alyse Black owned the room. She wowed the crowd. We expect you'll be hearing a lot more from her soon."

                                  - Keyboard Magazine -

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